Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 7: Postnatal

Hi folks!

Yesterday marked one week after my c-section.

I have been feeling bit pain at the abdomen area(the c-section scar)...and tried to check the wound and found two 1.5-2cm opening! Got a shock and went on to seek advice as I do not want the wound to be infected like my second c-section.

Quickly called up DH to asked if he could send me to my gynae for checking. Was quite afraid I need to be sew up again..eiks..

Luckily after cleaning, checking, the gynae told me cos the wound was not properly sewn(uneven), this making the opening unable to close nicely. So he gave me some antiseptic cream to apply and said should be ok in one week's time. Thank God!

I was the last one in queue for the c-section thus have exceeded the last hour their usual operation time. I can see one of the medical staff leave at the last part of the procedure- the sewing part cos it's past their working shift time I was already 5.45pm when the sewing completed.

If you got a choice, do not schedule your surgery too late of the day...phew..they must have been tired and rushing to complete the sewing part which actually took quite sometime(I was on half body anaesthetic so can still see the clock ticking on the wall).

Anyhow will take extra care to clean the wound area and not to move around too much/too fast..

Till my next update cheers! :) hope by then..I am telling u the good news that wound is no longer painful ..for now still in pain..

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