Sunday, May 5, 2013

Historical Day for Malaysian, 5 May 2013

Hi folks!

This morning I reached the voting poll 7.55am, 5 minute before the official voting at the queue....

I joined the crowd till about 8.35am..received SMS from my sis that pregnant women get to vote first ahead of queue..

Thanks to baby..mommy get to complete my role as Malaysian at 8.40am.

Before this I was queried if I should go at my stage where I got one more week to go for delivery, will it be dangerous and difficult task to queue and join the crowd whereby anything could happen..

But I never thought of only thought is phew..luckily still in time to vote as I have been awaiting for voting date to be announced for sometime..hoping I get to vote before delivery..glad I made it! :)

Bit Gan Cheong, excited, and if taking SPM exam :P silence and solemn can be felt..haha worried marked first time voting...

Never felt so Malaysian. So much patriotism in the air...

Hope for a better future for our next generation!

Cheers to all waiting in queue patiently to fulfill our role as the citizen of this country :)

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