Tuesday, June 25, 2013

School in states below 300 to remain open?

Hi folks!

I am both sadden yet half-expected the announcement to be made as such by the MOE..as their priorities are different and the fact is that our schools are not equipped with elearning faculties. Otherwise, lessons can be continued without risking the kids health by going to school at such bad haze! So below 300 is safe level? 

Jus imagine most school has got no air-cond, thus they would need to on the fan and open the door; plus many school their window is spoilt, so tell me
How to stay indoor? How to avoid inhaling the haze? How to study in such condition?

Get the MOE people to sit in the "smoky and hot" classroom for 2hrs, before making such decision can they? Is chasing school syllabuses more important than the health of our future generation?

Truly pray the haze to go away soon and our MOE and schools will learnt from this event this year itself and make drastic adoption for online learning.

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