Saturday, June 8, 2013

SE on big brother role

Hi folks!

My CL's daughter worked at the hospital. Thus, she is slightly more into science, facts than traditional(just slightly) but i am still advises to Wah my hair on the third week.

As SE was down with flu since we discharged from hospital, he was being asked to stay away from the bb. Thus this big brother felt bit left out, bit imbalance and bit offended.

We can see little action from him that show his frustration. He was seen swinging his leg above the baby(so closed!)...and he keep barging in the bb room, wanting for attention. I asked DH's help to spend some time with him when he can so that he's not being left out. DH brought him to playground today.

I gave him some task of taking Vit c, probiotic and propolis honey so that he could recover faster and bond with the bb. Today he's much better. He washed his hands and then asked to help to burp the baby. He also helped to bring over the diaper and said to me when he's older he can help to change baby's diaper and carry him! He is just so proud and happy to be big brother!

I know he will be a doting brother..

We ought to be tactful not to let the older siblings feel left out..despite it is very difficult when SE is at a stage where "rebel" is in him..asked him not to jump on the bed where bb is sleeping, the more he wanna jump(heart boiling at times)...losing my patience sometimes ..then asked myself once more..where is my love and patience to this once little baby boy of mine..ah....this is the time when love is much needed to tolerate, accommodate and to be extra loving to the older siblings...besides the sweet baby of course!


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