Monday, September 9, 2013

Air freshener at home and car?

Hi folks!

Do you put air freshener in your car? 

We used to, but has not replace it ever since the refill has finished, started using something more natural, such as this (what my kids & I called it as our koala oil) :

Eucalytus oil...

When I read that it can be used to spray on kids pillows and clothing, i started spraying on the baby car seat as the scent...reminds me of Down Under.
When i read the news at TheStar today on, "Danger in air fresheners", I am more determined not to replenish the air freshener refill anymore as it is not cheap too!

What are the natural air freshener you used in your house/car? Some people I know would put "pandan" leaves in their car.

Love to hear your tips on keeping the air fresh and nice both at home and car..please do share :D


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