Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Mooncake Festival

Hi Folks!

Tomorrow is Mooncake Festival. In the past, this is a day whereby my family members would gather round and "soak" under the moon, eating mooncake with hot tea, whereby children will gather round and hold tanglung around the neighbourhood.

It's a family gathering occasion. Thus, last weekend whereby we Malaysian have another off day to celebrate Malaysia Day, we can see less cars on the road, probably most people are on their "balik kampung" trip (going back to their hometown) to celebrate with their family members.

We, too went back to visit my in-laws. It's been sometime since they last seen their grandchildren. Just spent a relaxing weekend with them (free from cooking and housework..lolx)

How did you spent your Malaysia Day folks?

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone! (actual day is tomorrow!)


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