Monday, September 23, 2013

What if FEAR is not in the picture?

Hi folks!

Today on the radio station the deejays are discussing what if FEAR is not in the picture, what would people do?

Some of them said they will try bungee jumping, another said would tell mother-in-law that she liked to shift out and live on their own, etc.

I was thinking, if fear is not in the picture for me, i would:
  1. Migrate to Australia for a less hectic lifestyle and a better environment & education for the children (if FEAR of not getting an income is removed).
  2. Start my own Work-from-Home business, so that I have income and have more time with my children. (if FEAR of the biz not working out, or financial woes is removed)
  3. Homeschool the children, let them learn what they have interest in at their own pace. (if FEAR of not being able to be a good coach and jeapardise the kids' future is removed)
These are the top main thing i would do, how about you?

Let's give it a thought and list out what we would love to do when FEAR is not in the picture ;)

I believe such exercise will make us understand what are the things we truly hope to do yet do not have the courage to go ahead!


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