Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bonda Villa- The Breastfeeding-friendly Confinement Center

Hi folks!

Was having sleepless night awoken by my persistent cough..thus what I tried doing..mobile web hopping :P and somehow saw this Breastfeeding friendly confinement center opened by a lactation counselor/consultant, Gina@Shah Alam. Wow..never knew there's such good place! Love the fact that they are using organic products for moms and babies!

So folks/moms-to-be, if you are cracking your head to find a confinement lady who's Breastfeeding-friendly and knowledgeable(which is rare!!! Most would give you some challenge on this aspect based on my experience), you may want to check put this center or google for some reviews by moms who have stayed there ;)

Happy sharing while coughing :) anyone can share with me some good home remedy for Heaty cough(with greenish phlegm?)...


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