Friday, October 25, 2013

Flavourful and Yummy Fried Rice

Hi folks!

Happy Weekend!

I thought I must write down this entry before i forget..such lovely, flavourful yummy fried rice combination that I can eat few servings ':D

Hope DH enjoy it as well.

This morning as I had leftover rice (yup, leftover rice is best to make fried rice!), and some ready cut-up vegetables in the I made this fried rice for DH & myself (since KY opt for steamed pau for lunch instead...) so this mommy smiled inside and said yey, tis is my chance to add in some bittergourd in the fried none of the family members are as enthusiastic about bittergourd as me...I seldom buy this yummy vege...thus since I bought a very small one for making soup...I "curi" or took some slices and add it into the fried a great taste..

I can taste sweetness from the zucchini, sourness(from the tomatoes), wholesomeness(from the mushrooms & seaweed), crunchiness(from the baby corn), bit saltiness(from the black olives), and of course not to mentioned the bitterness(hehe..from the bittergourd)...yummy....

Will check out how DH felt about this dish..and I definitely looking forward to make my bittergourd soup anytime tonight or tomorrow..yummy...


What's the vege your family members don't take thus you don't get to buy/cook often? Care to share?


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