Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shone at 5 year-old

Hi folks!

We have been delaying Shone's music lessons partly due to confinement period, Shone's choice(such a dear boy, knowing mommy won't have time to fetch him for classes) and also undecided on the instrument(piano or drum) to take on.

Shone has attended trial class six months before his 5-year-old birthday and the teacher said wait till he's 5. And when he reaches five lately(after my confinement), I booked another trial class for him. The teacher said he's ready, but too bad the teacher's available slot does not match with our time (operating on single car, usually mommy the one who fetches them for classes).

On the subsequent week, I brought him for drum classes(and I heard the are certain benefits from these drum classes for certain children) as he requested for it. After the trial class, I asked him to choose between piano and drum, and he said he like to take up drum first. So we signed up for him immediately after the trial as he likes it and the timing is manageable.

Let's see how much his interest in this instrument would far, he's been eager to attend his drum class every Sat. I hope he'll build up his interest and confidence by exploring something he's fond of :) 

Being a second child, I do find he's lacking the spontaneous and confidence unlike the first child. But he is good at other stuff, more hands-on and less performance/dramatic side...And he's very meticulous when coming to mopping floor, this I truly amazed and especially thankful as he's ever-ready to help mommy in household chores, definitely a good-hubby-to-be in the making ;)


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