Monday, November 18, 2013

MasterChef Australia Season 5

Hi folks!

Are you a fan of cooking show? If you do, you would have heard about MasterChef Australia!

The show is now running on the Season 5.

Now, do you know we can view this show on Astro Ch709on Weekdays at 7pm and 11pm only on Lifetime™ .

MasterChefAustralia Season 5 promises a delicious new chapter in the life of the world’s most loved cooking show.

For the first time in MasterChef Australia history, the competition jumps straight into the Top 22 stage, with some of the best amateur cooks from across the country mixing it up in a high-pressure test of know-how and nerve in Melbourne, the city of culinary capital of Australia.

A girls versus boys challenge at the iconic MCG kicks off a thrilling new year of challenges, with a Barossa valley boot camp and Italian week among the themed events on the table.

This year’s weekly MasterClass is filmed before a live audience, giving the public a first-hand insight into the culinary handiwork of returning judges Gary, George and Matt.

What I like about the reality show is the contestants are made up of ordinary food loving people like anyone of us. There's an Arabic-Australian housewife, Samira El Khafir; 35-year-old former town planner and even professional cyclist Emma Dean from Victoria!

So, now, don't underestimate the great cook/chef in you. Do you have any cooking tips or habits you practice? That might well be a great tips to share with everyone!

I inherited this cooking tip from my mother-in-law who won praises from her picky eaters hubby and son of her most delicious fried rice. Simple dish yet what's the secret behind. I learnt that by stirring salt on the dry wok heat the wok to the right temperature so that the rice will be well-cooked.

Now, do you have any cooking tips to share? Then share your very own special cooking tip  on the Lifetime Malaysia Facebook page (each tip shared on the Lifetime Malaysia Facebook will have to be tagged #MCATipOff).

What are you waiting for? Go over and share your tips now!


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