Monday, December 2, 2013

It's school holiday but...

Hi folks!

How has the school holiday been for you and kids?

It's school holiday but many of us are still holiday per say and last weekend I even had to slogged through the nights to complete the draft document to be submitted on Monday. 

Certainly not the way how I would wish to spend my weekend, not to mention weekend during kids school break.

Anyway, on my way to send KY to her ballet class, i managed to bring them to take a look(10mins,) at the local finally alas...albeit it's a enter and exit kind of visit as we don't have much time to spend there.

So, hopefully when these busy schedule is over in time..we have more time to soak ourselves there at the local library and many more other places/activities we have been wanting to explore together, swimming, playground, skating, etc...

How has your school holiday been?


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