Saturday, December 14, 2013

TW Work

Hi folks!

Again ignore this post...just want to rant out my feelings..

Am I in the wrong industry? Haih why do I keep having discontentment at work? Simply it's part and parcel of working life ...

Often faced situation of uncertain, blank info and needed to chase here n there for answers in order to complete my task..yet I do not have the time to chase for answer and produce my work at the same time...sigh..the difference between a good PM planning and team work and a lousy one..where TW is often not included in the project timeline. Yet documentation is always highly regarded by the client and is a must for payment milestone yet is the most neglected task list in a project planning that no time or man days allocation is being alloted. Thus ended up the Techical Writer had to always rush and produce inferior output that comes with comments/ reviews and more amendments in rush hour sigh....

The end..back to my doc world working on a weekend during school holiday,.either i accept and do it gladly or find greener pastures or even be my own boss haha..DH when you want to hire me?

Dream for 2014...cheers!

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