Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Cocktail

Hi folks!

While feeling hungry one late night, we remembered the can of pineapple and sparkling white grape juice we have, tadahh..turned it to a yummy cocktail drink for a no-reason-needed toasting about to cheers for KY & mommy who made it through the new chapters in our life! Cheers! Have a great weekend folks! We do need to celebrate life more and give a cheers don't we ;) find a time and way to celebrate and have fun with your kids has really been a stressful school starting week for them! All the new and unfamiliar experience and events! Cheers to them for making it through! ;) and cheers to us too parents!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Free kid's movie ticket with one adult ticket

Hi folks!

For those who have some free time at might like to check out tis free movie offer for your kids ;)

Note: Only available Mon-Friday, so yea..for those who are on leave or for's a good chance to go for some movie bonding time with our kids!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Kitchen Gadget: Sandwich Toaster

Hi folks! We got this at Sen Heng during their anniversary sale using the voucher we received during our purchase of an electrical item during their X'Mas sale. I remember when we were young we use to make lotsa yummy snack with it. Have you all tried making any? What are the yummy fillin you could share? I am testing out Vege sardin next ;) Stay tuned for my experiment ;) cheers!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trolley bag

Hi folks!
These days I could not shop alone without hubby's help to carry the heavy groceries. Thus, I got this bag from Tesco last weekend(FOC when we buy 3 P&G products which happened to be the items I need to buy anyway). So hopefully these days I get to do some light shopping on my own whenever hubby is not free. It isn't a nice feeling to be dependent on someone..though people say cherish this moment as you only get such luxurious treatment while you are expecting..Lolx..

Another thing to be grateful of indeed..having the occasional privileges of being pregnant as not all areas, places and time we get to experience the "privileges! E.g., I had to queue more than 45mins. during KY orientation day just to buy books n fill up forms..almost feel like fainting due to giddiness and stuffiness(it was very crowded n long queue!). Luckily DH arrived in time during his lunch break..phew..thank God! Cheers :)

Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sale,10-13 January 2013

Hi folks!

Once I thought i have passed the phase of looking out for sales for baby here's one which caught my eyes...hmm..if you are looking for some babywear as well!


Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sale

Products Offered
Baby Apparels
and more
10am – 5pm
No.1, Jalan Industri PBP 13
Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong

Additional RM4 discount with every RM20 purchases
(Apparels ONLY)
For more information, visit:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

SE helping out in the kitchen- the future Good Husband material..hehe :)

Lunchboxes and Food jar Search

Hi folks!

This year is a year I have to start packing lunch for KY as well as she starts primary school this year.

Saw these lunchbox and food jar at Jusco during their sales(ended 1 Jan), KY set her eyes on the 500ml Dora Explorer stainless steel food jar(after less about $119), but I find it but too big and deep for her ..hmm..wondering what people packed in it? Fried noodles/ porridge/soup?
Next, I saw a smaller size Dora Funtainer(selling at $69.90). I find this more suitable and easier for her to scoop the food/soup.

Fried Noodles

Hi folks!
This is yet another fast-to-cook and sure-loved dish I make when I am running out of time and ideas.. Here I added the remaining bell peppers and took the mushroom I added in the lotus root soup slice it for the noodles..yummy ..taste yummier with tomato sauce the way SE likes it ;)

Lunch pack- Sweet corn soup

Hi folks!

I have been searching for a good lunch boxes which can keep the food warm for our lunchboxes. I finally settled with this Thermos Dora Funtainer for KY which I used it to pack the soup of the day for her lunch. At her request, here's her favorite sweet corn soup which she likes me to add lotsa cashew nut in it. I scoop the ingredients to munch for breakfast while the soup I leave it for my lunch ;) cos I like them hot! Still has not found a very good lunchboxes that can keep the food warm..just lukewarm for now except for the thermos meant for soup!

Quick and Yummy lunch pack: Traffic light Omelette with rice

Hi folks!
Last week I had to cook 3 lunches for 3 of us ..tough job as KY is rather picky or as the father puts it. ..particular about her food..thus here's one easy and yummy one..I named it traffic light omelette(consist of yellow, green and red pepper) with vege ham(I can even add mushroom to make it a 5-color wholesome meals!) placed on top of sushi rice made into heart-shaped with the rice mold I got from Daiso..

KIDS scissors

Hi folks!

I found and bought tis scissors at Teaco for MYR6.90. Comes with 5-year limited warranty(but not sure to claim from which party..) and it's suitable for age 4+ and best thing is it is suitable for both left/right-handed ;) Not bad! Must get my bro to test it out since he is left-handed while most of us are right..