Friday, August 9, 2013

Raya Day 2

Hi folks!

I am enjoying some quiet and blissful time..unrush, uninterrupted meals comprise of fried vermicelli with avocado and balsamic vinegar+olive oil dressing, complete with a cup of mango juice and 1 1/2 of RT Pastry cake leftover from yesterday ..yummy..blessed...
The older kids are away having fun with their dad while the Bb having some quiet time with mommy :)

Feeling wonderful...

How is ur day today?

On first day of Raya..

Hi folks!

The road is clear for the first time of the year at my place cos it's Raya plus school holiday :)

And what does means to us? Reunion with family members and friends :)

On first day of Raya, we had lunch gathering at my Jon's place celebrating my mom, my younger brother, KY and my nephew,Kenn birthday...always love such gathering and not to mention the food..yummy...for the kids they love meeting up each other and have fun together..another heart-warming day...

And tomorrow, it's gathering with friends and another fun time..blessed...

Stay safe on the road ya and have a lovely break and recharge folks!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What dish still taste good when it's cold?

Hi folks!

Traffic been smooth today...if only it could be this way every working day *daydream* hehe..well, if our transport system and flexi-working culture is getting better, it might happen right?

hehe..anyway, today is the 1st day of 7th month according to chinese calendar and many Buddhist observe vegetarian diet today.

And today I packed my all-time favourite vegetarian wanton noodles (picture credit to google). In fact during the time i admitted to hospital for c-section, knowing there might be a long waiting time for a bed(usually the case if you deliver at a government hospital), and there might not be chance or even time to pack/have your meals there.

Thus, I have packed a packet of vegetarian wanton noodles to the hospital.

A typical wanton noodles will consist of something that looks like dumpling but smaller in shape that we call it wanton, some green vegetables like "sawi" and a bowl of soup.

Mine is the dry type..which still taste good during lunch reminds me my last meal at the hospital before the long fasting (from 12midnite till the next day 4.30pm c-section; continued to fast till the subsequent day before i can take solid food once more) is real hunger...

Talking about fasting, I think I must salute my Muslim friends, the type of determination and discipline you must have nurtured during this whole month of fasting! 

With Raya fast approaching, I like to wish you all Happy RAYA and may you enjoy a peaceful and loving time with your family and friends!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Gosh..has the school holiday started?

Hi folks! "malu" shy to realised that my gal has actually started her school break TODAY!! I still made her pack her bag last night, she mustn't been so confused by her parents...or we failed to listen to her when she told her day, her holiday started and no school on Monday. Apparently she told her dad and I wasn't aware, still made her pack her stuff, and I still prepared her school snacks and meals...'cos her younger brother still has school today and tomorrow..

Bad mom...feel really bad...

Time really flies, am still learning to juggle my act being mom of 3 kids..many told me is manageable..and I believe too...yet..still need more practice and getting used to..and I think my older children needs to adapt to it too..especially when mom can be with them whenever they needed..especially when the dad is away and I had to tend to the baby...but they have been superbly cooperative..

KY been volunteering to fold the baby's clothes and SE been ever willing to play and chat with his baby brother whenever I need to prepare meals or take a shower..

Thank God...hope I will be able to improve my juggling skills and spend more 1 to 1 with each of them..including DH..

Cheers to a happy break for all...I am looking forward for mine..!

Happy Raya!

Maaf Zahir dan Batin :)