Saturday, August 17, 2013

Milk Foot Spa

Hi folks!

When I attended a 3-day workshop once, their freezer failed to freeze my EBM, thus I have no choice but to discard those stock. Such a waste! Saw some mommies did bath spa for their baby using breastmilk. Unsure how it's done- like need to rinse after bath? Will it be sticky etc? I tried it mysel first on my long-neglected foot which gets kinda dry after much sandal-wearing..

What a way to spend the precious I can't finished all the 3-day stock in time within 48hours!

How have you spent your weekend folks? Hope you have a fruitful one!

Cheers! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Updates after long hiatus

Hi folks!'s been a long long time since i last update here...

It's now school holiday and the traffic been smoother...thus life been slightly smoother too..with no homework to check haha..

Well, how is life being mom of 2 kids and one baby?

Many told me that it's manageable and yes it is..albeit needs lotsa juggling, patience and organizational skills and lotsa love too!

I do notice considerable progress in the older two kids after the arrival of their little brother.

KY is a doting sis who loves to take care of the baby. Once, she was so tired that she actually doze off while feeding the baby on warmed mom's milk. Another time she was so hungry yet needed to assist mommy, she feed the baby while eating her noodles. Talking about juggling act, this gal master of her class!

As for SE, he is a great helper. Though can be creating some attention at times. After all, all these while he's the "baby" in the family for the whole good 5 years! So at times we do have to watch out when he tries to swing his leg above of the baby for example....intentionally it seems but deep inside also reflected his feelings at that time..he has no bad intention, just seems like creating attention..thus I asked the dad to give me a hand to give him more love and attention whenever i had to take care of the baby.

As for baby ZS, he's been such a great joy to us whole family, looking ever-contented and generous with his's a gift from God for us once more..Thank you God for a lovely gift once more...

As life moves on after being back at work...I am trying to work out a routine whereby I am able to spare enough time and attention on the 3 kids. 

I hope to do the usual bed time story with the kids. I just to ensure i get enough, quality rest so that I manage to stay fit and healthy to perform my duties :)

Thank God so far for all the great assistance, guidance and warning signals..

Learning in progress....i must say, folks, do spare me a tips or two how did you manage your children (especially a handful :D)

Cheers and till the next update!

Nick Vujicic is here on 30 August

Hi folks!

Have you heard the news that Nick Vujicic will be here in Malaysia?

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