Saturday, September 21, 2013

When mom is asleep, KY made these

Hi folks!

Last weekend during the Malaysia Day break, I went back to my in-law's place. When all of us are taking a nap, KY who don't feel the zzz mode, let her creative juices flowing by taking a box, clothes peg and moon cake containers from her granny and made a little hut for her, er...kangaroo & koala bag..accompanied with a Lego truck...her granny commended on her creativity while mommy amazed with her skills in entertaining herself when everyone is in

Have a restful and great weekend folks!


Friday, September 20, 2013

My Daily Routine

Hi folks!

Being a Working Mom to three children(including a 4-month old baby),my life revolves around household routine like this:
3am- Wake up for feeding(lying down with baby, continue to zz) & pump out the other side if baby hasn't finished all(to pass the stock to babysitter's house)
6am- Prepare lunch(for 3 of us, my daughter, DH & me) to save time(driving out for lunch,money&able to prepare healthier meals..hopefully)
6.30am- Hang laundry, fill up water bottles, packing lunch, sterilize bottles, wash dishes,etc(If these are done the night before means I'll have 30minutes of zzzz, but usually I would be too tired to do much as upon reaching home there are countless things to do too)
7am- Prepare the kids(make drinks) & myself
7.15am- Out to school & work(miss this golden time means be late for work)
Once reach office will pump once before I start work so that I don't feel engorged while working/meeting. Then another pumping time during lunch break and one more just before knocking off work at around 6pm. These would create enough(hopefully) supply for baby's next day's meal(at this moment he needs 5oz x 4) which means I need to reach 20oz a day. One good thing is this time round I have stocked up some FBM(frozen breastmilk) during confinement. Thus I am not too stressed up when pumping(getting all stress up would mean lower milk supply & hard to express out the milk). This my aim is to maintain the supply and when time is good any extra supplies will turned into daily milo drinks or the older kids(I try not to occupy the whole freezer/let the bb take more fresh EBM-Expressed Breastmilk as much as possible; however at times will still store it if got any extras..which is a rare now after my menstrual came back the supply was cut into half- bit sad..hope to regained the abundance supply once more :D)
7pm- Pick up DH at work(we sharing single car), if early will have packed dinner at his office as KY usually reaches bbsitter's house by 7pm
7.30pm(latest)- pickup children
7.45pm- reach home
8pm- Shower
8.15pm- Feed baby
8.45pm- wash laundry, dishes, go thru homework with kids(if I have the energy; else if DH is around, he will go through with them as my Chinese is very limited; had to use dictionary when coaching them :P)
In between all- pack bags with the kids- my bag, daycare bag, school bag, baby bag)
10pm- latest will get the kids to bed

These are good times, on not days I usually got too tired n slept right after 8+ feeding and only woke up to do the rest of the unfinished/skipped task around 4am after the midnite/wee hour feeding/pumping (like now, am washing dishes, bottles,etc after feeding)

Guess I will have to lead this kinda life routine till either I quit my job(not possible now to be a Full time housewife...application not considered by DH :P), get a second car(which might save some rushing time but means higher expenses)...or at least till bb is older ;)

This would be last baby so am telling myself to enjoy it all..all the late night feeding, hugging and smelling my dear worth it all!

How's your day like? And how woul your weekend be?


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Google is commemorating Mid-Autumn Festival 2013

Hi folks!

Did u saw the Google picture today?

Never knew Google would commemorate this seemingly chinese festival called Mid-Autumn! 

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all...remember to lookup to the sky to view the lovely and round bright moon!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Mooncake Festival

Hi Folks!

Tomorrow is Mooncake Festival. In the past, this is a day whereby my family members would gather round and "soak" under the moon, eating mooncake with hot tea, whereby children will gather round and hold tanglung around the neighbourhood.

It's a family gathering occasion. Thus, last weekend whereby we Malaysian have another off day to celebrate Malaysia Day, we can see less cars on the road, probably most people are on their "balik kampung" trip (going back to their hometown) to celebrate with their family members.

We, too went back to visit my in-laws. It's been sometime since they last seen their grandchildren. Just spent a relaxing weekend with them (free from cooking and housework..lolx)

How did you spent your Malaysia Day folks?

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone! (actual day is tomorrow!)