Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nourishing Bitter Gourd Vermicelli..not bitter at all

Hi folks!

Finally cook my favorite bitter gourd soup with added vermicelli(yup, bitter gourd is the main dish here and vermicelli is the side dish hehe)..with added mushroom, red dates, white fungus, kelps, wolfberries,ginger slices..5 colours rule..yum...


Cheers to a food(oops) good weekend!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Philips HomeDec 2013 Promotion, 24th till 27th October 2013

Hi folks!

Another event I love to kitchen gadget on my wishlist is the Philips Air Fryer.. :D...but had things on this weekend..not sure if I'm able to visit..anyhow..sharing the good news with you :D


MYDear Warehouse Sale, 31 Oct-10Nov 2013

Hi folks!

If you are looking to buy some big items for your baby, here's one which you might like to check out!

MyDear Warehouse Sale is back (31 Oct-10Nov 2013)!

I definitely like to dropby to check out the carseats as Baby Zen is fast outgrown the current baby carseat soon!


Flavourful and Yummy Fried Rice

Hi folks!

Happy Weekend!

I thought I must write down this entry before i forget..such lovely, flavourful yummy fried rice combination that I can eat few servings ':D

Hope DH enjoy it as well.

This morning as I had leftover rice (yup, leftover rice is best to make fried rice!), and some ready cut-up vegetables in the I made this fried rice for DH & myself (since KY opt for steamed pau for lunch instead...) so this mommy smiled inside and said yey, tis is my chance to add in some bittergourd in the fried none of the family members are as enthusiastic about bittergourd as me...I seldom buy this yummy vege...thus since I bought a very small one for making soup...I "curi" or took some slices and add it into the fried a great taste..

I can taste sweetness from the zucchini, sourness(from the tomatoes), wholesomeness(from the mushrooms & seaweed), crunchiness(from the baby corn), bit saltiness(from the black olives), and of course not to mentioned the bitterness(hehe..from the bittergourd)...yummy....

Will check out how DH felt about this dish..and I definitely looking forward to make my bittergourd soup anytime tonight or tomorrow..yummy...


What's the vege your family members don't take thus you don't get to buy/cook often? Care to share?


What is good to pack for lunch from home?

Hi folks!

One day my male colleague suddenly asked me, "What is good to pack for lunch from home?" 

I gave it a thought and replied, "Anything you like eating."
'Cos that's how I planned my meals albeit according to what 
my family loves to eat, easy to prepare and still taste good
after few hours in lunch container, like this konlou noodles, an 
all-time favorite for KY which still taste good when not very "warm".

Other items are like sushi, onigiri, sandwiches and hot soup in thermos
and goes with rice or noodles ;) List still expanding while experiment and search 
still on-going...

Now what are the food you find great as lunch pack? Care to share?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers :)

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fabulousmom 2014 Contest

Hi folks!

Sharing this contest with you :) just need to spend RM100 between 10 Oct-10Nov to qualify for the contest and the sales is still ON (another 4 more days if I am not wrong!) cheers!

Another satisfying lunch pack

Hi folks!

Lately been trying to make soup daily...
And it's really nice to have nice hot soup to go with rice and some other vegetables. This time I tried making vegetarian lotus root soup(with mushroom), oven-baked sweet corn patties, Vege ham and some raw tomatoes and capsicum(for adding some raw food in my diet)...yum...5 colours goal met ;)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Fair,6-10 Nov 2013

Hi folks!
Another baby fair coming..sharing it with you all :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family of runners

Hi folks!

Every members of my family (excluding my mom, unless shopping is included) are/used to be(exclude 2 sis & myself who have stopped running after becoming mothers..wait till we ran after our kids soon!) runners.

My elder sister used to be the record holder for 400m at my secondary school, while I remembered fondly that I broke the record of my idol (Koh Poh Ping, whereever you are now...) in my pet event, i.e. the 1500m run. And my younger sister used to take part in 100m and hurdles or "lompat pagar" event if I remembered correctly..there might be more but I just somehow remembered clearly that she's good at hurdles as it's not something I am good at...I prefer middle and distance event..slow and steady(and pickup at the end) is my key to win the race :)

And now, my youngest brother who used to play basketball during his school years, now take part in all sorts of marathon and run....completely "assisting" me in checking off those events in my target list! lol...

I used to participant in those runs too but not now..I don't think my stamina is good enough for those run anymore...

And the other actively running member of my family would be my dad...who's near 60 and still actively running daily...

I felt participating actively in those sports during our teens helps a lot in building the discipline, sportmanship and belief in us. Not to mentioned I find that it also helps in losing weight at older age(ahem 30s) our muscle was built on earlier...

Now, seeing my brother, colleagues, ex-classmates running in those races, I can't help but to get back to running once more..maybe will start with walking my baby in the pram together with two older kids. It'll be great to have a good workout at least during the weekend ;)

What about you? Do you participate in sports? 

Let's get moving and regain our flexibility and health!


Monday, October 21, 2013

12 Tremendous Tricks to Stress-Free Morning

Hi folks!

I saw this from Suave sometime ago..thought of sharing it with you all...
(All credits to Suave)

Hope it helps us to have a more manageable morning to work + school!


Fuss Free LunchPack- Steam Ribbon Pasta

Hi folks!
At times, time is running late and i only have 30mins to get myself n the kids ready for work+school thus steamer is my great helper.i will just covered the pasta with just enough water and the tomatoes gravy at another bowl. Voila, I have a simple and yummy lunch pack ready within 20mins :)

Drizzle with live oil and herbs..taste awesome!