Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Tesco Santa arrived at doorstep

Hi folks!

A busy weekend for me this week thus no time to do marketing. Glad that I foun Tesco does delivers to my area and I've made my order online include groceries and fresh produce...I must say I give two thumbs-up to them! Will share more about how to make best deal of with Tesco Online(when I complete my weekend job for the year!)...


TW Work

Hi folks!

Again ignore this post...just want to rant out my feelings..

Am I in the wrong industry? Haih why do I keep having discontentment at work? Simply it's part and parcel of working life ...

Often faced situation of uncertain, blank info and needed to chase here n there for answers in order to complete my task..yet I do not have the time to chase for answer and produce my work at the same time...sigh..the difference between a good PM planning and team work and a lousy one..where TW is often not included in the project timeline. Yet documentation is always highly regarded by the client and is a must for payment milestone yet is the most neglected task list in a project planning that no time or man days allocation is being alloted. Thus ended up the Techical Writer had to always rush and produce inferior output that comes with comments/ reviews and more amendments in rush hour sigh....

The end..back to my doc world working on a weekend during school holiday,.either i accept and do it gladly or find greener pastures or even be my own boss haha..DH when you want to hire me?

Dream for 2014...cheers!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

My F1 Crawler- nothing can stop him now..

Not even the 3 times fallen off bed

My iherb purchase finally arrived!

Review on my experience soon :) yippee!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning to sit, crawl, pray n bz

Hi folks!

Here's a picture update on ZS milestone at 6 months 3 weeks..


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Home Alone with 3

Hi folks!

Today is Selangor Sultan birthday, which means it's a holiday for DH but not me!

And our dear babysitter has arranged her own date without asking if we are on expected....she expect my hubby can handle on his own....while the mom is NOT ON LEAVE!

Sigh..the irony of it...what to do...I wished I can off too...anyway...I couldn't as work is very busy at this moment....and my Babysitter is asking for one week off next week..sigh...I have no more leave or reason to ask to take off...

DH has offered to look after the 3 kids on his own(what to do? Babysitter already arranged her own activity for the she gets to off on both KL and Selangor nice!). Ya..sorry I know i ought to be thankful for having a babysitter....who's by the way vegetarian as we are vegetarian too....and employee myself I would love to take leave now and then to accompany my family too...

Anyway...from my phone call just now, I found out that at 2pm, DH and the older two kids are still not taken their breakfast and lunch...gosh! Despite i made them egg mayo in fridge, bought whole comb of bananas n bought a loaf of bread, just that I am running late and unable to make them a pot of fried bee hoon as I always do when i need to be away and leave the kids with DH.

Anyway,..I know it's a learning lessons for us all..for DH and for myself too...and also remind me to alert the babysitter in future of the holidays meant to be...and NOT to be...

K..back to work I don't wanna stay back late at office..and made the whole family on hunger..

Wish me well..