Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's 2014 and what I have been up to lately..

Hi folks!

Time flies...before the countdown ...we are still it's already 8th Jan 2014!!

Where has the time gone..

I have been busy at work as well as at home with the school reopen. 

Haven't been feeling too well..with watery nose ...dripping like water pipe on Sunday night. Running out of Vit C so I took a cup of EBM with milo and VCO. Works wonder..but still feeling whole body ache especially on my shoulder, thus went to see doctor and took the whole day off. Slept throughout the day and the night(yesterday, from 8pm till this morning).

Felt better but feeling like a candle being burnt at both ends..signs that time for me to take a break...soon...

Here's some pictures taken for the kids, during the short CNY shopping we had on first day of New Year, playground trip we managed to take during holiday and a cheeky ZS  :)

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