Monday, February 17, 2014

Life is how we make it to be

Hi folks!

Many times, we faced situation condition that we have to make choices. I always have the belief that if I unhappy/feel unsync about something in my life, I have a choice the tale the chance to make a change or merely complain about it.

The latter would only waste our precious life away as the situation would kept on repeating itself. The former requires courage, preparation(at least mentally ready to take the first step and grab the chance that comes by) and action to face the unknown. It won't be all rosy(or might be even worse than here) at the other fence/choice we made but at least we've tried to make the change and we tried to give our life a chance to change...rather than continuing to lament on the current. If it isn't any better, at least it taught us to treasure hardship and difficulties in life, and thus complain less. If it worked out, give yourself a pat for taking the leap. It'll give you the courage to take the next leap higher in life!

Food for thought a the junction of my life sharing it with my dear friends and myself :)


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