Sunday, February 23, 2014

New household gadget- Shimono

Hi folks!

After not being to settle with few brands we are looking around, karcher(bit costly, yet heavy duty), 5 in 1 steamer mop(unsure which is genuine brand with some selling at $199,$299 and one at $799, all so-called an OEM, majority with 3-mth warranty).

After thinking which is most needed, I want a portable one which I could easily lug around to clean the mattress, sofa, curtains..which I don't feel hygienic to use the same vacuum I use for floor, cupboard etc...and after viewing how this Shimono works plus my sis is getting one too..for her son is suspected to be having asthma...I gave it a try too..and ordered one along. Still within budget around $200++. Will let you know how it fare after I get my gadget!


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