Sunday, February 23, 2014

Researching ergonomic school bag

Hi folks!

I've been researching for ergo school bag for KY who's now in standard 2 and had to climb to 3rd floor. Her trolley bag could not help her much now as she needs to carry the heavy bag everyday walking up the staircase and have fallen few times when she lost her balance especially when her mischievous and impatient students/friends push her/each other around. Blue black on her knee.

Thus I've been googling around. We've bought S local brand which comes with 3 months warranty. However to our dismay, within two weeks we need to send for repair. Then another time within 2 months and finally changed another trolley bag after 5 months when it's torn and since it's over the warranty period, we didn't bother to send for repair. It's good that before it was torn, mommy has a feeling that she should grab the Disney trolley bag on sales as backup. As it's no fun when you find yourself having to hunt for bag at last minute with not much choices.

This time round, while the trolley bag serve her well for the past few months and still working well just that it's getting heavy for her to lug up to 3rd floor. This after checking around, I found few highly recommended brands from mommies in Spore & Msia.

One of them is this Spore brand call Impact. Another one is SPI from Hong Kong and the most highest price range is this brand call ergo bag from Germany that won awards and comes with 3 years warranty. But it's bit on the higher price range....which is about SGD$189...the most highly recommended one.

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