Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why baby or young child best put in single bed room

Hi folks!

When ZS admitted hospital at 5 months old for croup,  I was being advised to place young babies or child in single ward. Thus, as we are using my co. Medical card then and we might just need to top up a bit ourselves, we went ahead with their suggestion.

This time round, as they do not have single room left, we were being placed at waiting list and temporarily warded into double-bed sharing room.

We only managed to get a single bed room on second night.

Hereby, I would like to share my experience of why single room is much prefered if cost is not a major concern. Purely my own personal opinion after personally experiencing with my child.

1. Young baby has weaker immune system, thus having a single room prevent the child from exposing to other viruses of the room-sharing patient. Vice versa, we also avoid spreading virus to the others.
For e.g., our room sharing patient actually having some virus infection(forgotten the name of the virus..micro-plasma something..) and said she had to separate her child from her baby...gosh it then brings a knock to about us who had to share the same room..and my son is coughing too...wouldn't we be "sharing" viruses to each other then...
2. Having a single room enable both parents to stay and take care the child. This is less stressful and exhausting for the care-taker.
3. The child can sleep better without disruption/noises thus aids in recovery.

These are the 3 major plus points I felt..

All right since ZS is sound sleep now...i better start taking rest too...ciao..


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