Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our first maiden family trip on flight

Hi folks!

After a long hiatus, trying to gear up to post more diligently.

In fact, almost all the time I have something to share but time doesn't allow it or just the mood not there :P

I just came back from our family maiden trip on a plane to Langkawi.

Thank God, we've made it safely and it was loads of fun for the kids! So did I.

As it's the very first time we travel along with the three kids, age 1, 6, 8….it's a whole different learning experience for me.

Learning how to pack, what to pack, which airline offers a more comfortable experience for family travelling with children, what to look out for when travelling on budget airlines, etc. Yey, all these are part of the travelling adventures!

I will most likely break this experience sharing/recording into several parts.

I shall begin with what makes this trip happening? Or what kickstart this trip?

It has always been KY's dream to sit on an airplane. Especially so when her cousin(a.k.a my sister's child) has been travelling since she was a baby?

Sometime last year or the year before, KY asked me why is it Z gets to fly all the time? She told me that she has flown for 8 times!!! Is it her dad is very rich? [Gosh, that's what in the kids' mind..] Is it her dad no need to work? 'Cos DH is often busy even during weekends and holidays!

I shared what she told me to DH. And as determined as I am to fulfil her dream. And time flew by, after I was pregnant and then gave birth to ZS, finally I just went ahead to book a family trip via the budget airline at 3am! Yep, that time I was just finished bf-ing ZS and was checking through my emails on my phone as I couldn't sleep back. fare is ON! So as I couldn't wake DH up to check which dates he's free, I just try my luck and pick public holidays! Woohoo, there are seats and dates available, click-click-click-BOOKED!

Yeah, sounds simple and easy huh…then I broke the news to DH when he woke up :P Surprised but didn't say No…so I just made him to clear those dates off for us.

But, truly in my haste, I forgotten to calculate the time it takes for us to travel to Airport, which means DH would still need to take leave. Thus, will watch out for this for our next trip (**keep finger crossed**).

Anyhow, to cut the story short, after I made my booking and inform my sister about it, she SHOUTED, "Hey, don't you know we (a group of family friends) wanted to organized a trip there and YOU BOOKED without US?" Gosh, I've not thought of that at all as there has been lengthy discussion but no conclusion then. And in my mind I just thought to book a family trip for me and family. Didn't thought they have wanted to join in too.

And even more fun anyway…especially for DH as all his close buddies can get-together!

Thus our small family adventure became our annual buddy trip/gathering at the lovely Pulau Langkawi…

Stay tuned for more updates on the lessons learnt and some pictures & tales of our trip!



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