Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun time at Kidzania

Hi folks!

Last weekend we brought the kids to kidzania for the second time. This time DH came along...thus it's much better when the kids wanted to visit different places or when I need to nurse baby ZS.

The kids had great fun! They visited places they yet to visit the first time round where it was over-crowded and we reached bit late. Their favourite this time round were the Poslaju, secret agent and seawater delivery. Thanks to these jobs..they are now pretty familiar with the place so mommy can just sit n relax at the cafe at our next visit while they busy "working" and exploring..

SE earned $195 and KY saved $142, and even little ZS earned $8 haha when he participated in one of the lounge games. KY spent her hard-earned kidzos at the manicure and face-painting...whereas SE concentrate just on earning kidzos(the currency term used at kidzania).

KY was pretty happy to earned her vitagen and vitamins after working as researcher at the two outlets..and mommy was quite happy to find ABZ place for below 2 years old for ZS to hang out and mommy to chill out and nurse..

Till our next trip when they are tall enough(130cm) to get their driving license and "drive" the car or even climb the building...


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