Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gearing back to Sports and Sportswear

Hi folks!

A couple of weeks back; I did a BMI test and have a brief consultation with the fitness coach. Thanks to my active and plant-based lifestyle during my youth (I guess), I scored 19 for metabolic age. However, I was told to do some weight training exercise to increase my stamina and fitness. I used to just do a lot of cardio exercise like jogging back in my twenties but hardly any weight-lifting exercise which is said to be able to increase my metabolic rate and muscle mass.

The fitness coach said I must have been feeling tired easily and find it hard to even lift up the mattress to change the bed sheet. True enough. But I always thought this is due to lack of rest and sleep.

So while gearing back to sports, I went to lift some dumb-bells lately. Opps..forgot to do some warm-up exercise and end up with sores and pains the next day.

Not a very good example here. Thus, when my kids took up swimming lessons lately, I made sure I get them proper swimming attire and reminded them to warm up before jumping into the pool.

Now back to mommy gearing back to sports. Having the right sportswear outfits can definitely boost up our moods and determination during those workout sessions at the gym, the park or even at the sports centre as the sportswear is designed with comfort, style and also proper material in mind.

Check out this sportswear here. I can imagine myself doing yoga in it.

It is said that wearing fit and comfortable clothes during workouts can help to motivate ourselves even more and gives us that extra boost in confidence.

No wonder, we can see the emerging trendy sportswear for women like the following:

The style above which is more suitable for the ladies who are confident in their own skin(ahem).

And the ones above, the sports dress style which is normally worn by female tennis players. The dress sportswear looks great for ladies who want to maintain their feminine side while playing activities such as tennis, badminton, squash or jogging as it allow them to move freely.

Now, where do you all shop for such sports clothing? I found out that some online store like ZALORA also carries a wide range of trendy sportswear designs for women. 

Do check them out if you are interested to get yourself some nice and comfy sportswear for your sports activities!

Zooming back to my daily "exercise", weight-lifting a.k.a baby-lifting now! hehe..


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