Friday, February 13, 2015

Is Kit Kat Rubies suitable for vegetarians?

Hi folks!

DH is very keen to try the newly-launched Kit Kat rubies and I am keen to get a box for him as Valentine's Day surprise..

After googling it...I found the list of Nestle (which produced Kit Kat) products which are suitable for vegetarians. (updated till Jan 2015)

However since Kit Kat rubies is newly-launched(and I heard Malaysia is the first country they launched it!), it wasn't in their list yet.

So, I am writing to them to check it out. Will update you guys again if I am lucky to get their reply ;)

Meanwhile if by chance anyone of you have found out the ingredients, hope you could share with me.

Making my order soon as I confirmed it!
(UPDATE: Received a prompt reply from Nestle:
Thank you for contacting us at NestlĂ©.
Referring to your enquiry, Kit Kat rubies does not contain egg. All additives are of plant or synthetic origin.

Great! For chocolate lovers who are on plant-based or concern of halal ingredients, here's a good news for us!)

Cheers and Happy Valentines Day folks!

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