Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Refreshing Salad for Breakfast..yummy

Hi folks!

This is my type of breakfast...refreshing salads with passion fruits, oranges, lettuce, capsicum(red, yellow, green bell peppers), lotus seeds...i love to add some crunchiness in my salads..thus I often toss in some nuts :)

Kids have been asking for pizzas for few times but due to the rush at work and some weekends engagements...I haven't been able to make any...

So today I made vegetarian sardin and traffic light(red, yellow, green bell peppers) pizzas for breakfast. Also, made some lemon grass drink as kids and DH been coughing lately.

How's your start of Thaipusam day?

Hope it has been well and baby steps for achieving your New Year aspirations/goal are in motion!


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