Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Sunday and GST

Hi folks!

How has your Easter Sunday been? On the eve (Sat.), we had to bring ZS to hospital for blood test after 3 days of fever coming on and off. Luckily it's not dengue, however, his platelet level is pretty high which means his body is fighting bacteria infection (according to the medical officer on duty as all Pediatrician is not on-call/on holiday that Sat evening).

Breathe a sigh of relief that it's not dengue however, it's equally uncomfortable for him with rashes all over his body and finding it hard to sleep (thus resulting in mommy on zombie mode as well).

On Easter Sunday, brought the family out for a lovely meal (hoping to cheer everyone up)…usually we would eat in Mon-Fri, with occasional treats like this during the weekend…already we are feeling the pinch from the GST implementation in Malaysia.

From the original bill of MYR109, with added GST and service tax; the bill came up to MYR122++

Now I must kudos to IKEA Malaysia who kept the price the same despite the GST.

How is your family or yourself coping with the rise of cost of living with the implementation of GST?

Any tips or lessons to learn to share?

Hear from ya!



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