Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I have given my views on the KWSP survey, have you?

Hi folks!

How's everyone doing?

I have just completed the survey run by KWSP (pension scheme in Malaysia) whereby there are a four initiatives being proposed to be implemented. One of them is to increase the full withdrawam age from 55 to 60 (which I TOTALLY disagree as not everyone is retiring at age 55!)

For more information about the other proposals, see TheStar here or KWSP website here

One of the criteria to fill up the survey is to have an i-Account, so make sure you open your i-Account with them and give your opinion, make your opinions heard LOUD and CLEAR. 

Hopefully this gov. agency do not implement(forcefully) the new initiatives (just like the GST) without taking their members' opinion into account.

So please as one of their  14 million members, make your opinion be counted! 

The survey will run from 21 April, 2015 to 5 May, 2015. So remember to give your opinion before 5 May 2015.

Note: One of the downfall of the survey, it only available in Malay and after submitting my view, there's no indication stating the survey has been just hanged there as "Dalam Proses" which means "in process".

Anyhow do check it out and complete the survey if you wish to make your voice counts!


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