Monday, September 7, 2015

Reflection on Appreciation and Repentance

Hi folks!

Yesterday, I dated my two older kids for a movie at the cinema. It was a very nice movie and nice date indeed!

I've learnt a lot of things in the movie and also throughout our dates.

We went to Nu Sentral GSC to watch the movie by LRT. I have wanted to let the kids experience taking LRT.

They learnt to use the self-service ticketing machine as well as how to read the instruction on which platform to get to their station.

It was quite crowded when we get back from the movie and there wasn't any seats. 

However, there are two gentlemen who gave their seats to my two kids aged 7 & 9. It was a very heart-warming experience for me.

And I told them when they are older and able to balance themselves better, they should also learn to give their seats to others who needs the seats more as I point out to the signs 
to give seats to people with special needs, pregnant women, old age, etc.

And while sharing with them, me, as a mom learnt a precious lesson as well. As my hands are full carrying 3 bags, my daughter without hesitating a moment, offered to carry those bags on her lap as she got a seat.

And the people are her were whispering what a good daughter i had. Indeed! I've realised that i've failed to notice and appreciate these little goodness in them all these while.

Like how she gave her time to "entertain" her little baby brother instead of playing ipad, etc.
How they would often request to get something for their siblings when i was buying something for them.
How they would also asked us if it's ok to get something, or whether it is too expensive.
How my daughter mentioned to her brother one day when he didn't want to wear the daycare uniform, asking him if he's trying to make us spend our money on the uniform in vain by not wanting to wear it.

Wow..little things like this really..touches my heart..especially when i felt at times i have been a little too harsh and a little to "frank" to them about money matters. 

I wanted to let them know they could achieve whatever they set their heart and mind too, with hard work. And i also do not wish them to be hindered by things like money, time etc.

And i truly repent and feel bad when I kinda throw my temper and got frustrated when my daughter keeps readjusting or requesting to re-tie her hair. Ballerina has high standards on the way their hair is being tied.

Watch the Dance Parents if you wish to know how high the standard these children set upon themselves.

While parents who do yearn to have girls so that they have the chance to doll them up, tie their hair, am I having such wonderful daughter, yet not cherishing it to the fullest.

May I learnt my lessons well and not to repeat them.

May I grow to be a better parent to my children, a better spouse and a better person overall to this earth we called home.


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