Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vegan Book giveaway

Hi folks!

As some of you might knew that our family is on plant-based diet. And more recently ZS has suffered from very bad eczema which I have omitted soy, certain nuts in our diet (as i am still bf him). And during the process, I have also been checking out on a lot of vegan as well as gluten free recipes.

Here is one lovely ones that I've been reading and following and they are having a giveaway for their lovely cookbook(yet!!) and best thing is they do cover my part of the world..hoping that one of us here might win this lovely cookbook as's the link for the giveaway 😉

May we learn some lovely,yummy 😋 and easy-to-make( and what's more to mention guilt-free recipes from it 😊 )


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