Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A good ending and a new beginning

Hi folks!

So fast now is already November...and soon we will be closing the chapter for year 2015. It's time again to reflect and review what we have achieved and lessons learnt and things we have planned to do but hasn't tick off our checklist and start doing it NOW or at least plan for it with concrete action task.

As I run through the numerous events for the remaining days of the year..wedding dinners, family trip, etc...I can't help but to think of all the things I have hoped to implement for a new beginning of each day in my life.

And I also looking forward to the upcoming 2-week break and quality time I could spend with my kids and also hopefully realizing dreams and implement our remaining action tasks for this year.

I gotta plan something else time will just drifting away. I hope to regain energy and spirits so that I have the energy to do stuff with my children.

What would you do if you have two-week off from work? I can foresee my daily morning exercise with the kids( swimming, cycling..etc), baking(time to dig out recipes), visiting friends, libraries, family movie time perhaps with home-made pop-corns...lotsa DIY, spring-cleaning and decluttering to usher a brand new year..

Looking forward to do all these with my kids next month. Meanwhile, it's time to plan and enjoy every moment and events lined up for this month and today..

Cheers and will be back soon(hopefully).. With our adventures :)

Stay tuned and have a lovely days ahead too folks!

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