Sunday, November 29, 2015

Attending Kids Graduation at Kompleks 3C

Hi Folks!

After changing my three kids at a new learning centre, this is my first time attending all 3 kids graduation at a new place- Kompleks 3C, PJ. Now I've certainly seen this venue many times (if I am not wrong for some kind of campaign or talks?), this is my first time visiting the place.

Wow, it was quite a uniquely-designed community place. I kinda like the way the playground is setup with a nice sand-play area.

And look at this lovely small performing area at the centre where they have colorful chairs and drum sets as well!

And it always house a hypermedia library. I've seen this quite a number of times and yet to visit it. Captured the opening hours, perhaps it can be one of our holiday trip..

Here are some of the other offices found at this Kompleks 3C:

They have this small little growing place where i saw some vegetables growing. This must be their "Kebun Mini 3C" and wow they even have a petting zoo? Didn't notice this as some area of the place seems to be closed for renovation. Perhaps we will need to come during weekdays to check out some of the places as even the Cafeteria was closed on a Saturday afternoon! I couldn't get myself any drinks when i got really thirsty watching the kids rehearsed for their graduation performance (which I truly enjoyed!).

The kids graduation was held at Dewan Tuah, quite nice place I would say to hold a kids graduation, at least it's at LG or not at a place where I had to chase and keep a watchful eye for my 2-year old who tend to run and roam about freely on his own these days. The fact that the door is not directly opened to a busy road makes my heart feel more at ease (chill.....motherhood...).

I would certainly visit this place with the kids again. Next stop would be the Selangor State Library which is located in Section 12 Shah Alam where it has an impressive 6-D theater. Would love to bring kids to visit this place.

Stay tuned for our next adventures for this school holidays. Is there any nice places you've visited with your kids during the school break? Do share with me ya folks!

Cheers and have a lovely and fruitful holiday with kids (despite not having a holiday for working parents like us)!

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