Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bring kids to work day

Hi folks!

I've never expect my company to organise such cool event- Bring kids to work day!

Since KY always asked me to bring her to My Office, i took the opportunity to take part in this cool event and showed KY around my favourite juice bar, the mall nearby my workplace where i used to get some groceries and my meeting room and my Office game room cum pantry and of course my seat.

They also entertained with movies, cup-cake decorating, arts and craft, clowns and magic show as well as ice-creams treat! How cool can that be? She actually felt mommy should be really happy working at this workplace(indeed i do erm minus the constant rush hour of software releases..)..

This somehow kickstart the soon-to-be our holiday adventures- namely our balik kampung trip, kids camp, holidaying at both side grandparents' House thus lotsa playtime with their cousins and not to forget ice-skating lesdons, movies, x'mas decor photo snapping at the malls, and Whole lots more...

Will blog more about it ..till then..

Stay cool and awesome folks!

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