Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Overcoming negative emotions

Hi folks!

Another contemplation and lesson learnt for me as I went through some rather repetitive unhappy/negative emotions arising in me.

As I calm down the next day, I came to realized that this is a recurring incident. Just as how I managed to overcome the other recurring negative emotions last year, I decided that I have to identify the cause clearly and also take proactive action to go "over" or "beyond" this recurring incident.

And, I found out that others' negative or below par behavior/reaction only makes you stand out to be better….and vice versa your negative behavior will only brings out the goodness in others too.

Thought for ponder…and I will conquer this mountain of mine!

Do you have any mountains to climb/overcome this year? All the best to you folks too!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Practicing the good stuff

Hi folks!

I am still absorbing, opening-up and also "trying" what I would want to implement for this year, so-called my aspirations for year 2015.

I felt I've read a lot good ones…good practices, good stuff…and the bad..but hardly put much into practice. Thus this year, I have not really list out my 2015 aspirations clearly.

I just kinda randomly trying to implement it in my life daily whenever I get the chance to.

Last Saturday, I just "Let it go" (haha..no not the movie Let it go…) but just went ahead with the opportunity that knocks when my son challenged me to have a game on Chess. I love playing Chess, in fact I introduced them to the games when we happened to have found a chess set when SE had his drum lessons last round at the Music Centre.

And, having bought them two(yep, two sets) the first one..they lost a few of the knights and soldiers..maybe cos I bought a mini ones..so bought them a second set. After that, I've yet to find time or rather make time to play with them (guilty me).

So last Sat, after a late brunch with them at 11am, I went ahead to play with two of them (while baby ZS was asleep). Ignoring the piles of dirty dishes and uncooked lunch (when DH is almost coming back from work) and played to our heart contents!

Wow, I must said that is "out of norm" for me yet it's one of the recommended things to do as parents….to play with our children and to build memories…

So yep DH is pretty cool about having no "lunch" for the day or fix his simple sandwich lunch. In fact the good spirits continued…DH went on to play with the kids on their other game set..called Millionaire while mommy finally sets on her task of clearing the dirty dishes while baby ZS is still asleep.

A very fruitful Saturday for us indeed!

And that Saturday evening, we went to one of the mall and DH got his "toy" as well..happy dad!

So what about mommy?

What's the "toy" I'm gonna get for myself? Hahaha…no clue yet..

Anyhow, this post is to remind myself to implement all the "good stuff" I've read so far and make it a reality in our home!

What are the "good stuff" you've read and wanted to implement at home with your family members? Care to share!