Monday, August 3, 2015


Hi folks!

Lately lotsa happening around me which is teaching me about the word Cherish.

The people around us, the affinity we have with them..for thy don't last long and will be gone soon before we make time to chat, to care and to get to know this person better

The "polishing" and tempering condition that were bestowed by the Universe to make you the better one. Learning to be grateful of the opportunity is part of the lessons to be learnt. As we passed the chance to learn this, complain about it, avoiding it, we would have miss the "boat" or chance to grow to be a better person.

The moment of "cuteness" and "sincere love" from our children while they are young. Do not waste such moment away by being angry or picking on their little faults. Shower them with love, companion and facilities them along rather than reprimand them.

The daily chance to repent and renew. Repent of the mistakes and let go of the past, to be able to start afresh everyday for new life lessons.

Your life, every moment, every minute to do something worthwhile and nothing is too small to be included as "worthwhile". Every little steps count to reach your ultimate goal and to make that eventual big steps!

Want to be a better parent? Start from now and the "little" small matters. Greet our child with an abundance of joy every morning. Make time to recollect your thoughts and heart to live a great new day. Do not rush your life away. Notice the lessons, affinity and "gifts" sent to your way.

Cherish them!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Learning from children and others

Hi folks!

I love my weekends off with my kids. Even though i might be more tiring(with house-cleaning and "entertaining" the kids), it was an exploratory moments with them. It's something i can't do on usual work days.

I alsl find kids are our Great teachers..they marvelled and feel happy at smallest thing. Compared to us (the more complex and "polluted" ones), we have so much to learn from them!

One day i was doing a peekaboo with my youngest boy and he immediately break into smiles. Such carefree and spontaneous potrayal of joy!

I imagined at that moment, what is the response i will get from my older kids and DH if i do the same act(peekaboo), the older kids might stare at me blankly(*duh*)...and DH might outhus palm over my forehead and ask me,"Are you ok?"

This also reminds me of a test runs in a FB group whereby wives experimented by texting  "I love you" thrice to their husbands to see what is their response.

Me and my two sisters also joined ran the test on our hubby and the test results were so ironically funny and we had Great laugh and good lessons from it too :)

My results after my First text message, "I love you" comes back with a "I love you too" from DH, followed with silence for the two subsequent i love you message sent.

Our sense of love and humour seems to be greatly diminished as we had more responsibilities on our shoulders.

In olden days while we are still dating, he will go i love you "two", i love you "three"..lolx

There are more funny results from others. My sis whose hubby in IT line returns a message after three "I love you" message sent with "What happened to your phone? Got virus??!! 😂

Another hubby asked," Is it your birthday today?"
Another said," You got things to buy is it?"

Hahaha...this truly reflect the "image" we left on our hubby ya!

Have a good laugh and good lessons too! As what my bachelor brother said after reading his 3 sisters crazy test stated," The key is say it often and daily so that it won't be so "suspiciously" weird to receive such messages out of blue!"

True also ..advice from unmarried guy hehe..

So what are you waiting for folks? Express your love to your loved ones and make it your natural daily ritual!


Feeding fishes at Taman Bukit Jalil

Hi folks!

It's awesome i felt for people who stays near a nice park or recreational activities i felt. Then at least you will more motivated to just grab your shoes and have a good sweat in nature.

I brought my kids to Taman Bukit Jalil with my sister and her family and it was another awesome place to go your children.

I used to go jogging here (once) with ex-colleagues after work but this is the first time i bring the kids there.

They have quite big space to run about, nice playground and lotsa fishes to feed to.

The kids was counting how many animals they saw at the park at the dinner table that day. They counted to 10- monkey, flamingo(yes! At the park!), squirrel, gigantic ants, fishes, dragonfly, dogs, bird, .......

Such a fun trip! Who needs i-gadgets? Ha..bring the kids outdoor close to nature when needed some gadgers "detox"..


Outing at Taman Botani Putrajaya

Hi folks!

The kids have been asking for bicycle trip for sometime. One fine day, we finally made a trip to Taman Botani Putrajaya. The kids had a great time cycling(you can rent or bring your own bicycle there), feeding fishes and boat ride there.

Quite a nice place to go for picnic too..

Hope to have such outings more often with DH and's a much better option than spending time indoor with gadgets..