Monday, August 3, 2015


Hi folks!

Lately lotsa happening around me which is teaching me about the word Cherish.

The people around us, the affinity we have with them..for thy don't last long and will be gone soon before we make time to chat, to care and to get to know this person better

The "polishing" and tempering condition that were bestowed by the Universe to make you the better one. Learning to be grateful of the opportunity is part of the lessons to be learnt. As we passed the chance to learn this, complain about it, avoiding it, we would have miss the "boat" or chance to grow to be a better person.

The moment of "cuteness" and "sincere love" from our children while they are young. Do not waste such moment away by being angry or picking on their little faults. Shower them with love, companion and facilities them along rather than reprimand them.

The daily chance to repent and renew. Repent of the mistakes and let go of the past, to be able to start afresh everyday for new life lessons.

Your life, every moment, every minute to do something worthwhile and nothing is too small to be included as "worthwhile". Every little steps count to reach your ultimate goal and to make that eventual big steps!

Want to be a better parent? Start from now and the "little" small matters. Greet our child with an abundance of joy every morning. Make time to recollect your thoughts and heart to live a great new day. Do not rush your life away. Notice the lessons, affinity and "gifts" sent to your way.

Cherish them!

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