Thursday, January 21, 2016

Conversation of the birds, red blood, and....

Hi folks!

I would love to mark down for yesterday - conversation with my first baby, KY.

She told me that she loves Pendidikan Jasmani subject and the book as it teaches her a lot about her current favourite topic- Cheerleading.

And it also taught her something about the mentrual cyle etc. 

Wow, yes, at age 10, they are being introduced this topic at school. So started a brief conversation about the 28 cycle, the eggs, the "red" blood, etc.

Never knew this day would come so fast....

And, she told me that her classmate already had period. Yes, kids these days grow up fast (is it due to the food intake? Formula milk?). Thus, no wonder they started this topic in standard 4 when back in my school days, I only learn this in Secondary school?

Time to dig up or check up Mr. Google.

Kids grow up faster than I could pick up the speed..

Amazingly I now have to learn about the world of a pre-teen, primary schooler and a toddler. Bring on the books once more.. :)


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