Monday, June 27, 2016

Exam Week prior to Raya break and more...

Hi folks!

Right now, KY is having her exam before the coming Raya holidays (next week).

June has been a month of celebration of sort for our family- my birthday, SE's birthday, my dad and niece birthday and of course Father's day!

What would you wish for on your special day? Frankly, I just hope for some ME time to go gym, to do some haircut and hair dye(yep, to cover my white hairs....what else..with the coming of age and ahem wisdom haha...).

So, when my hubby requested for his ME time on Father's day, we obliged and went ahead with me and my 3 kids to have lunch with my parents and family on Father's day and let him have 4-5 hours of ME time.

It's great to have some time off to rethink our priorities in life and to do some things for ourselves for once as it has always been for the kids and for us, as family of course this is only normal and nothing wrong about it.

As I couldn't take off on my birthday due to some meetings (in fact 6 meetings) scheduled at work on the day, I am grateful that I am able to take off the week after to do something which not entirely for myself but for my fast-growing children.

I spent the day clearing the study room to turned it into a boys' room as KY who's almost 10 this year, will need her own space and own room.

Thus I will be having some pre-loved and new items in fact to be sold off/given away. Stay tuned and I shall post some up here as well..mostly baby and household items :)

Cheers and till we catch up again!

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