Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Simple On-the-go Meal

Hi folks!

Ever need to travel light and needing simple on-the-go meals?

When we went sight-seeing one day over in Melbourne and my friend made me this yummy rice sushi roll nicely-wrapped in cling wrap to keep it fresh and also handy to eat on-the-go. Ever since then I have been preparing this for my family whenever we need to go traveling and might not have time to have a proper sit-down meal at restaurant or when kids and I just love to have a quick bite over lunch at after-school event or at work.

Yesterday KY needs to rush over to ballet studio for her ballet trial exam, thus I suggested this sushi rice roll for her lunch and she loves it!

Very easy to make, I just pre-set timer on the pressure cooker to cook the rice around 4am to allow it to have time to cool down slightly before I start wrapping around 5.45am before KY goes to school.

Cooked rice (I used basmati mixed with red quinoa)
Sesame Vege Mix(sometimes I will use seaweed floss or even some other savory fillings)
Roasted seaweed

Cling wrap

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