Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Warded again during Deepavali

Hi folks!

2 years ago, ZS was warded on Deepavali eve when he had wheezing cough that very quickly it worsen breathing difficulties in a single night.

It happened twice(once when he was 5-months old, and second time when he was 9-months old). Therefore, each time he started coughing, I would get very worried. And ever since I found the benefit of therapeutic oils and also ways to adjusting his diet, he hadn't been having very serious attack for the past 1-year plus. There was once when he had wheezing again, I started the regime of Young Living essential oils protocol (thieves, lemon, RC and diffuse Thyme) for four days; diluted according to the ratio for his age and also doing the massage on vital point every 2 hours, his wheezing was not so serious the next day and he could sleep better and he becomes his old chirpy self and recovered from it on the 4th day.

This is way far better than admitting him which for sure will bring rounds of traumatizing experience for him started from being bundled up to insert the drip needle, the series of forced-upon nebulisers (that ZS called it the yucky gasses) as well as force-fed medicines. It also takes 4 days for him to finish his course of antibiotic in the hospital but every single view of the nurses in blue uniform will send him into fear and trembles.

On the eve of Deepavali again this year, we had a gathering at friend's place and someone brought cakes with home-made toppings from from egg whites. ZS is allergic to eggs and even though at times we go bit lenient with him, but he is well-aware he couldn't take the cakes as it contains eggs. Therefore, during his birthday when we bought him to vegan restaurant, he had 2slicwa of eggless cake of his choice. He loves cakes but too bad most of the cakes in the market contains eggs. It's not so easy plus bit costlier to get an eggless cake. That night he was happily, sneakily chomping down two slices of cake while I was chatting with others. Then once we reached home, he suddenly developed cough as if something was stucked on his throat. He kept trying to cough it out but it wouldn't go away. Then he had difficulty breathing and find it hard to sleep. I had to swing him to sleep. He started to develop wheezing cough overnight. Thus the next day I brought him to see our panel doctor(on Deepavali day), upon checking on him the doctor gave us a guarantee letter to admit him right alway. So we zoomed over to C Hospital after getting all the essential items and got him checked by a medical officer at the emergency ward. At that time, after having a ningxia red sachet in the car, ZS seems to be resuming his old chirpy self again. The doctor didn't find it necessary to admit him since he looked active and well(all of a sudden as he was still coughing with a barking sound 30-minutes ago at the panel clinic). I even asked the doctor if we could use back the same guarantee letter should his condition gets worse at night(as based on our past experience, his condition will get worse at night). So I am told I could use it. I just forget it and couldn't agree more to what the doctor said, " Since he looks active and well, we shouldn't admit him or give him any nebuliser, which we can but it will brings more harm than good to him(folks, this is coming from the doctor and I personally couldn't agree more after consulting a TCM in the previous recuperating time).

We went home and carry on our day as usual and I then vacuum the 3 mattresses in the house to prevent allergen in ZS's room before I went to meet up with my buddies. So I'm after bathe him and diluted Eucalyptus Radiata for the dad to apply on him while I am away around 3pmAt around 6pm(yes it was raining heavily and I sort of spent too much time out there where I should be repeating the regime to help his lung to get better by diffusing the oils and etc), DH called me to ask where is the oil I have diluted for ZS as his wheezing sound seems to have returned. To my dismay as I would have thought his dad would have applied the oil on him earlier. Lessons learnt, do the important thing yourself, do not trust others would do the job as well as you do and it is your responsibility to do it yourself than entrusting it to someone else who might not see it as important as you do.

Then I rushed home to find ZS having  bad croup and at 4am he woke up and started crying and said he couldn't breathe. The last time he was admitted, it was the same albeit came with blue lips, this round he just looked pale and shivering. I quickly stomped into DH's room and announce the need to rush ZS to the hospital again.

Will continue again my story in the emergency ward and subsequently the need to change the doctor for ZS(which I like to talk about it only after we discharged smoothly and safely).

Please help me to pray for ZS for his smooth recovery.

Thank you folks!

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