Saturday, December 10, 2016

AFT practice - Conformity

Hi folks!

Our spirits are actually boundless and free and can works wonders when we allowed the creativity and inner potential to flow freely. Our spirits has own Inner Master that tells us what to do and what not to do.

But at times when in an organization, a country and a place where there needs to be some rules and structure to maintain the external harmony, at times we may lost touch of who we really are and what's truly inside of us. We lose that capability to act from the internal and be governed from the internal but we are habitually act in conformity of what should be done as stated in the rule or culture or habits since young.

We lose that sense of being our own Master which is originally sincere, truthful, respectful and in harmony,

Today my AFT session allows me to understand that I have to break off that external locks and shackles to be able to truly functioning well as the real ME. Without needing to fear if the real ME will be not following the "should-be" rules of the society, of the organization and culture as the Real me is very vibrant, flexibility, agile and alert and wise to act according to what's needed in the situation.

I hope to get past this need to conform to act and react. Instead allow myself to trust the internal Master to make the right choices of thoughts, words and action in my daily life. To be free from the external "should-be" and be truly ME.

Cheers to another day of realization and affirmation!

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