Friday, December 9, 2016

Story of My Amazing Teammate

Hi folks!

Yesterday our team had lunch with one of my amazing teammate who has finally found her passive income and achieve financial freedom and able to quit her job.

I am very happy for her! Really...especially happy for her daughter who I can foresee will definitely have a better quality time with her mom thereafter and also have all the financial freedom to pursue her dreams and interest.

Yup I said so out of my own situation too. As I have yet to achieve that state and each time my gal wanted to pursue one of her many interests (gymnastics, ballet, ice-skating, etc); time and money have always been our stumbling block. I do not have the luxury of time to fetch her for those activities she wanted to participate in, neither do I have the budget to finance all of them even though i know she has some talents in those activities.

Back to the story of this amazing friend of mine. Many people asked me about her ever since they heard the news that she's quitting and mainly due to something i introduced to her. How she came about achieving such success in a short time. 

Frankly, it's not a bed of roses and definitely her success is not achieved in a single 3-months-period as many people heard or thought so.

She came from a difficult background too. Having to work herself up to achieve her professional degree and certification. She used to sell kuih(Malay snacks) after school and also used to work across the border at Singapore after SPM to earn enough money to finance her further education. On this, I am indeed luckier than her though my family cannot afford to finance both my sister and I(who is only one year gap apart between us) to college, I managed to secure a full scholarship at a private college. I only need to find part-time work between study time to earn enough for my food, lodging and books fee.

So I can truly understand that her success doesn't happened overnight. It came from that true determination to work hard no matter what to make things happen!

She worked hard as Public Mutual agent as her side income, dabble in natural remedy stores doing handmade soap and stuff after becoming a mom(while still actively doing Public Mutual and insurance) and the big break came to her when she was introduced to Young Living essential oils(yup, I admit I am the one who introduced her to the oil but not really to the business aspect in the first place). 

We often have chat over lunch or during our "pumping" session at work. "Mommies talk" we called it. At that time I was trying to find some natural ways to boost the immune system of my son, ZS who was in and out of hospital during his first year of life due to cough and bronchopneumonia, I came upon essential oils after my younger sister gave me a few precious drops to try. It really helped my son, preventing his cough from getting worse. 

Once during the first day of Chinese New Year, I was afraid the traveling, food and irregular sleeping hour during the holiday season would make his cough returns and what's more if it happens on holiday period where most clinics might be closed during that time. Thus, I brought along the small a bottle of essential drops my sister gave me. True enough, on the eve of Chinese New Year, ZS started coughing with wheezing sound (same as the last time when he got admitted to hospital). I quickly rubbed the essential oil on his sole, keeping watch on him at night as I am afraid he might have difficulty breathing and turned blue like the last attack. 

Amazingly, after few hours,  I noticed his breathing became normal and no more wheezing sound and he was able to sleep and lie down the whole night (without needing me to carry and rock him the entire night like he always does whenever he has such cough and difficulty breathing). From then on, I was convinced. 

And as we chatted about our kids condition, it just 
 came naturally from me about the wonders of the essential oils to my son's condition. Little did I know this little sharing of mine made this mommy achieved her financial freedom eventually...earning five figures a month with all her hard work!

Honestly, I am truly amazed and proud of her. At the same time I am truly humbled by the fact that I am so-called the person who introduced these oils to her and technically is termed as her upline. I feel this business is pretty fair, you worked hard and the right way, you receive the remuneration and reward you are entitled for. And nope, to answer to some of your might-be question, even though I am her so-called upline, I don't earn as much or even near to what she's earning. As the matter of fact, i didn't really work on this as a business in the first place. When i introduced to her the oils, i have just signed up as a member for two months. I don't really know much of the business aspect of it. And, truly i often felt i am not the "sales" type of person. Thus, I don't really work on it as a business. 

But, thanks to her inspirations, I really feel this is something anyone can really work on to gain their financial freedom as well. One baby step at a time. Anyone can learn and anyone can do it.

There's no rental course, no stock-keeping cost if you just would diligently get the oils you need from their local branch as and when you need it and what's more they have free monthly training to get yourself started and to understand more of how the oils can help you and your family to achieve a healthy life.

So if you are keen to check out this opportunities, wait no more, just sign up yourself as member (membership is free when you purchased a certain amount of essential oils, drop me a message if you like to know how to get the free membership) and use the oils and decide for yourself if this is something worth working on.

Cheers to a lovely and abundance weekend folks!

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