Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Believe I can Fly

Hi folks!

I Believe I can touch the sky...haha..

From the lyrics of the song..I Believe I can Fly...

Today my AFT session brings me to set an intention in getting up close and personal and eventually building a close-knitted relationship with these people who I have affinity with. 

These people have qualities whom I admired a lot, compassion, bravery, wise, and generous in sharing their knowledge and experience.

As I practice AFT, in the subsequent steps whereby we are supposed to listen to the negative voices that comes from within after setting my intention. 

One of the negative voices that came to me is I don't have the confidence and courage to even approach these people. Then followed with some flashback of past images that has becomes a shadow of such emotions that is appearing and also can be felt at my a heavy burden.

Then as I smell the oil- Believe, some shift in my mind and thought and feelings happened. I began to understand, all human are equal and I need to first acknowledge this and also pay more respect and regard towards myself, to know what is lacking in me are meant to be improved on and it's totally normal not to know everything. It's the attitude of continuous learning enthusiastically. Thus, there is no need to feel "small" amongst these talented and awesome people you have so much respect and admiration for. But to emulate them, learn from them and Believe that they too are willing to impart what they know or even pick up something good in you that is lacking in them. Believe in yourself and in the goodness in others. The sky is the limit! Believe you can Fly!

Am loving this AFT session with such lovely and impactful oil. If you are interested to know more about these lovely Essential Oil. I am happy to share with you. Just drop me a comment.

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