Thursday, December 22, 2016

Touring city on LRT

Hi folks!

After the new light railway train(LRT) route is ready, I have yet to try with my kids.

So I started exploring the New LRT route and train along with my new gadget(received as doorgift for my company dinner) mi band 2.

According to the recommendation of WHO,  we are supposed to achieve 8000 KM per daily. So out I went exploring the town without car for almost one day. The result- I achieved 7020 steps just within few hours taking LRT and exploring the city like a tourist. Not bad! So for those folks who are taking public transport, they certainly can achieve the healthy target everyday day without even hitting the gym!

Now I must say the last time I took a LRT/MRT was in Singapore when I went for my solo trip to attend my classmate's wedding and also in Bangkok during my family trip. The last time I took a LRT in my home country Malaysia must be years back!

True to behold, I am pretty impressed with the LRT train in Bangkok and Malaysia, friendliness of their website which inform passenger how long it takes from one station(Singapore MRT website) and the other and not to mention the LED light notification(both Bangkok and Singapore training have it) that inform us which station we are heading. And now I see it in the new trains as well! Kudos to the progress! For once I thought I am traveling in Singapore! Which I truly hope someday our LRT will be as convenient as our neighboring country and even Japan when we travel to the outskirts of Malaysia!

Cheers to my home country!

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