Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wanna win ticket to Little Kingdom?

Hi folks!

So fast Christmas is approaching. To all my friends who are celebrating far and near, an early Merry Christmas greetings to you and family!

Time flies, there are still some more places which is under the kids' wishlist this school break. And now that i finally able to start my leave(previously was busy with few products releases and unable to take off)....and now thinking which one to fulfill for them *ahem* like a Santa..hohoho...Merry Christmas! I love fulfilling the kids' dream as it makes them (and me) times it can be a small request like going to the playground for a bicycle ride, etc.

What about you? Any lovely places you have gone with your kids this school holiday? If you have not, do check out this new place i blog about the other day - Little Kingdom

And, recently while checking out IKEA website i found that they have this contest called Come Feed Sara’s Growing Tummy where you might just win free tickets to Little Kingdom and doing some good deeds for our Mother Earth too!

From IKEA smales page:

How to win?

This December, stand a chance to win free tickets to Little Kingdom, the First Personalized Learning Edutainment Park for every 5kg of newspapers that you recycle at the IKEA Bug House, Ground Floor.

There are 100 admission tickets to be given out. Winners will be announced on småles website ( and notified via mail after contest period ends.

Wow..that's nice!

I think my kids would love for another round!

Cheers to a happy and memorable weekend folks!

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