Wednesday, November 30, 2016

[Self-care] Attending and Practicing AFT

Hi folks!

Not too long ago, I attended the Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT) session with a well-known holistic coach, Anita Cheung.

It has been a very enriching session. And I have gotten the book to learn about this Aroma Freedom technique started by Dr. Benjamin Perkus.

It talks about how to use essential oils to transform our emotions and realize our heart's desire and overcome the challenges. It sort of combine Psychology and Aromatherapy.

Very useful practice i would say especially in this fast-pace urban lifestyle where i can see everyone from baby to old folks are experience some kind of emotional block and stress in our day-to-day life.

The 3 basic essential oils that are recommended as basic is StressAway, Frankinsence and Lavender.

There are also other oils which can assist in the AFT steps like Clarity, Inner Child, Believe, Transformation and Release.

We are encourage to practice AFT for 21 days to see it can unblocked our emotions blockages and enable us to live a more happier and fruitful life.

Would share more with you about it after my 21 days.

Meanwhile, if you have anything to share/ask about AFT, I would love to hear from you too.

You can also googled about it online or check out this page.

If you are interested to find out more about the usage of essential oils as part of your daily regime, feel free to drop me a message.

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Cheers to a happier and more fulfilling life without the mental and emotional blockage!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Do you see the Elena in your child?

Hi Folks!

Many of my female friends who have sons rather than daughter would longed to have a daughter who can accompany them to do all the girly stuff together when they grow up. I do agree with that and am very fortunate to have one daughter too.

Recently, Disney Channel (ASTRO Ch 615) introduces Disney’s latest Princess named Elena, a strong-willed and courageous teenager.

She fought an evil sorceress who attacked her family and was trapped inside an enchanted jewel for decades before she was freed. Now, after saving her kingdom at the tender age of 16, she is the Crown Princess of Avalor and rules with guidance from the Grand Council.

Despite going through many challenges in learning how to be a good ruler, Elena is decisive and fearless in standing up for herself and what she believes in. In addition to guidance from the Grand Council on ruling, Elena also has some special help in the form of Zuzo, her spirit guide; three flying jaquins (magical creatures that are part jaguar and part macaw; and a Sceptre of Light which has many powers that help Elena overcome magical and non-magical challenges.

With every episode, Elena exhibits many admirable qualities such as thoughtfulness, resilience, compassion and leadership which young girls can aspire to. 

I truly observe such Princess-like qualities in my daughter, KY too.

She is the most thoughtful especially after i had ZS. I remember she was holding ZS milk bottle(feeding him) while feeding herself after coming back from ballet class(even though she was tired and hungry too). Even right up till now, she's ZS biggest ally whenever it comes to anything ZS wishes support of. Here she is helping to push his brother on an ice-skating rink instead of skating around freely like the other brother SE.

She is very resilience being a ballerina (Grade 4 now and getting tougher and tougher as they moved up the grade) who often under very strict training, criticism and even rejection of her moves and "stunts" or when she did not managed to get elected in school performance due to the teacher wanted them to focus on their schoolwork. She bounces back after feeling really sad about it within the next day.

She is filled with compassion especially mommy is down with loads of work both at school and at home. She would offer to cook her lunch for herself and her brothers when i was too busy.

She definitely has the leadership qualities in her and she loves to lead. She loves to choreograph dance routine and gather everyone together to practice and also prepare together. She loves to perform!

I am so proud of her.
Now, what about you? Do you see the Elena in your child?

Would love to hear from you.


Monday, November 28, 2016

My newly discovered remedy for earache

Hi folks,

After kids recovered from cold, I caught the bug this time and it was quite bad that I had earache as well. Maybe I was trying to hard to cough out the phlegm that it injured my ear. It was so painful that I couldn't sleep. Stayed awake from 2a.m, suffering in pain. Then at 4a.m. I couldn't stand any longer, I pulled out my trusty eo pocket reference book and found a natural remedy for earache with these essential oils that I have at hand: Purification, Lavender and Basil. 
Note: The book also mentioned of another essential oil call Helichrysum which is another great oil to have. But since I do not have it I just use the alternatives.

Do you know Basil is very good for people with migraine as well. Awesome! My first aid kit. I massage on the vitaflex point on the two small toes(for earache) as well as the big toes(for headache), over my neck and temple and around the outside area of the ear.

Caution: Never attempt to drop any oils inside the ear!!

Besides that Purification and lavender supports the recovery for the inflammation and infection(if any). It also sorted out my eye sty issue(will share in another post). I just dilute a drop of Purification with VCO and dab a cotton and place it in my ear. It helps to reduce the pain and the "ringing" sound in my ear. 

Awesome work of nature! 

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