Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Big Bad Wolf goodies

Hi folks!

Are you book lovers too? Then you would have heard of the Big Bad Wolf  Sales which is now on (24hours non-stop) till 19 Dec 2016. Yes...coming to an end this Mon!!!

So hurry there if you like to hunt for some nice pressies for X'Mas.

I spent about 2.5 hours there but only managed to cover kids section. So you can imagine how much selection of books they have. This year they even have more Chinese books section and the price is pretty good deal too. Many of those books I haven't seen it selling at other bookshops.

Worth visiting...Really! I went there with my younger sis@5-7.30am while the kids are still zzz...with their daddies. If we want to cover the adults section or even bring the kids along I think it would took us more than 5 hours! No joke! One my sister's friends spent 9 hours there the cashier told us if you spent your meal there, you can keep your receipt and get RM5 off u can go before mealtime..walk one round, go for a meal before continuing shopping lolx..oh bring along your Hong Leong bank credit card or bring along someone that has get another 5% off when you swipe above MYR100 with Hong Leong bank card! More discounts and yey:)

Here are my loots ..I bought a lot of activities books for the 3kids as these books usually cost a lot more when we buy at normal bookstore. Quite a good deal I would damage = less than MYR150 for 12books..means each book is only MYR10++

Happy mom..wait till the kids wake up to see all their X'mas presents 🎁 

Cheers to a good and lovely weekend folks!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

School holiday getaway idea- Little Kingdom

Hi Folks!

Time flies, the kids school holiday will be over in no time! Have you managed to bring your kids somewhere to have some fun and learn some new things at the same time? Or are you still scratching your head trying to google for places to go to have some relaxing and bonding time with them?

How about visiting this new personalized edutainment park called Little Kingdom which is strategically located at the centre of Kuala Lumpur! This means for parents who are staying in Klang Valley and nearby, it'll be a short travel and short getaway where your kids and you can enjoy a day trip to chill out and learn at the same time. Of course, for those who are planning your travel to Kuala Lumpur, this will also be a good chance to check out this awesome place- Little Kingdom, which has just opened this year.

I have the chance to check out the place during one of the weekend with my family of five and I have planned to spend around 4 hours (about half day) there. To my surprise, we end up spending a full day there. Kids and I had great fun, bonding and staying away for gadgets for once!

Checking out Little Kingdom Map

At Ticketing Counter

Look at the beautiful decor

When we first stepped in, as the name suggested, Little Kingdom, we are greeted with tiny door as we entered the entrance, and greeted with colourful and cartoon characters and many nice stops for parents who love to take nice pictures with their children.

The first thing we went is to visit a booth with friendly staff which would give each of the kids their "Personalized Game Challenge" note which marks down their activities which they are interested to participate as well as the time of the activities so that they will remember to drop by the places of the events or activities they have planned to visit. They are also given a Little Kingdom Power Card to challenge themselves and earn a chop at each stop they have visited.

Little Kingdom Power Card and Personalised Game Challenge

The concept and mission of Little Kingdom is:
1. Offer new insights of learning process can be fun and playful.

Colourful classroom with sturdy chairs and tables (even adults can sit on them)

This is where they will hold their classes like art and craft, etc. They also have other classroom-based activities as follows:

·      Little Genie House : Pygmalion & World Introduction Class
·      Little Alien Spaceship: Lego and Robotic
·      Little Cinderella Ballroom: Dance & Music
·      Little Alice Wonderland: Art & Craft
·      Little T-Rex Kitchen: Cooking & Culinary Arts
·      Little Beast Field: Sports

2. Continuously inspire and create a playland that makes it exciting for children to learn while playing.

Kids'-size gym

Notice how everything is customized to kids’ size.

My kids and I sat on this Amazon Ride several times without bored. It is a shooting game ride which you are will get a chop on your power card after finishing your mission.

3. Encourage and educate the importance of parent-child bonding.

ZS spent few hours on the sandpit

Fantasy Drive

Parents can sit along with their kids

This is when parent and child is able to have some bonding time driving and learning the traffic rules together. Yes, the car is big enough to accommodate adult size!

4. Provide a platform for parents to explore their child's talents and skill by observing their action and behavior.


Some highlights of the places which I like:

*Spacious and modern kitchen*

Catching a glimpse of little chef at work

This where they hold cooking classes (you can check out the timing of their activities and classes at the ticketing counter or at the booth on your left once you entered) with real-life kitchen utensils which are also sold in their Little Elf Factory just before you exit the place.

Kitchen tools used in the Little Chef cooking class

Little Elf Factory that sell some lovely educational merchandise

*Cozy and clean place for nursing moms*

This is the no. 1 place I usually would visit as I often felt toilets (especially) and also another star feature, i.e. nursing rooms show how detailed they go into ensuring the place is convenient and comfortable for their visitors.

Nappy changing station and ladies-only toilet

Clean and spacious washing area after nursing or changing diapers.

*Nice theme cafe and open area to refuel and recharge*

Nice open area for parents to rest and family to have some snacks

Stalls selling snacks to refuel

Eagerly queuing up for their corn in cup

We also enjoyed Little Kingdom Performance tremendously by their talented crew.

TV that displays the next programme for the day

Children are encouraged to join the show

Kids queuing up to take picture with the mascot

*Nice ballroom for parties and events*

Do enquire with them if you like to check out suitable venue to celebrate your kids or school event.

Details of the location, opening hours and price range can refer to the leaflet below:

You can also check them out at their Facebook page.

Now, my kids are already asking me when are we paying another visit to Little Kingdom!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out more information at their website now.

Cheers and have a lovely bonding time with your kids at Little Kingdom!